How to make wooden bench for metal lathe

Previously i had made bench for my lathe, but as it not strong enough i will make another one using wider wood. The wood i used is called Meranti wood. To make a  solid bench requires you joint, not simply attach it using screws. I am using half lap joint which is the most easiest joint. Read article or watch video below for more information.


  1.  Wood 3x11x110cm (4 pcs)
  2. Wood 3x11x82cm (4 pcs)
  3. Wood 3x11x40cm (4 pcs)
  4. 15mm/18mm plywood (110x50cm wide)
  5. Dowel 13mm
  6. Screws


  1. Table saw
  2. Wood Chisel
  3. Drill
  4. Sander

How to make :


1. First of all we gonna make the legs. Make 1cm deep rabbet on the both end of 3x11x82cm wood. The easiest way to make rabbet is using table saw, if you dont have one, just use chisel.

simple wood bench design

how to make lap joint

Making lap joint for table

Next, trim the uncut parts using chisel until it flush.


2. Using the same method, make rabbet like this picture below. This rabbet will support the top part (horizontal)

joinery technique to make a bench


3. After that,Install 3x11x82cm to  3x11x40cm wood until it look like a frame.

lathe bench leg

Ensure all the parts that would be put together is flat and straight to make the joint looks great.

use wood glue to attach

lem kayu presto

frame kaki meja

how to make a solid bench lathe

Use same method for the other side.

process of making solid lathe bench



Attach 4 3x11x110cm woods to both of the legs we made previously using glue and screws.  I also drill dowel sized holes and put the dowels to add more strength so the weight from top will not supported only using glue/screws. This trick is inspired by Mathias wandel, I guess this is a cheat to make the joint as strong as mortise and tenon.

Membuat meja kayu kuat solid rigid

Then make 13mm hole and insert dowels with glue.

Joint dowel 13mm

Put the dowel inside the holes

13mm wood dowel

trim the exceed dowel using saw.

meja kayu mesin bubut


Take a 110x50cm plywood and cover the edges using glue and veneer.

Once it done, apply wood stain to protect the plywood surface.


Done! Lastly i put the lathe on the bench using chain block. I tried to push the bench  front back and sideways, but this table look pretty solid! I am happy with this project and im going to put a lot of drawers underneath for bolt and nuts!

making solid lathe bench using wood

How to make a strong bench



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