Tent for dog

I believe most of you have seen video about a guy making tent looking dog house from cloth hangers and t-shirt. For me this one is a brilliant idea and simple as well. I also make one for my little puppy, but using different way. I can tell this is an over engineered way. If you planning to make a dog house/bed i suggest you to make this. Not only it is simple to make, your dog will love this!

Material and tools:

  1. 2 mm wire
  2. Old unused t-shirt
  3. Marker
  4. Ruller
  5. Welder ( oxy-acetylene)
  6. Sewing needle and thread
  7. Pliers

How to make:

1.Firstly to make the tent base, mark the wire on each 35cm long (4 times). So the wire length you may need is 140cm.

Next, bend the wire 90° every 35cm using pliers untile the wire isbecomes squares.

bend wire

making dog house frame using wire

After that, i joint the both ends using brass welding. If you do not have a welder, you can simply tie the both end using small wire or string.



2. Next, cut 2 pcs of 75cm wires then bend to arc shape. This is a roof part.

cara membuat tempat tidur hewan

After that, attach this 2 wire to every corner of the square we made previously.

homemade dog house

welding wire

This is the final shape of the tent frame.

dog house frame


3. Last step is put the frame inside T-shirt.  The nect section of t-shirt would be the main entry of the dog, So place the hole in the front.

how to make dog or cat house using t-shirt

Pull it tight then stitch t-shirt to the wire.

tenda tempat tidur anjing kecil lucu

Done! This tent sure will become your dog favorite place!

how to make simple dog/cat house



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