First aid storage from old tyre

After changing my car tyre, i always take the old one home no matter how worn it was. I usually kept it in the shed until i know what im going to turn that tyre into. Since there is no first aid box  on my workshop, i think i should’ve make one by recycling that old tyre.  It is quite a simple project but it turned out very cool.


  1. 6mm MDF
  2. Old car tyre
  3. Plywood
  4. Wood
  5. Tiny weight (only few grams, you can use anything small that quite heavy)
  6. Strings
  7. Piano hinges


  1. Angle grinder
  2. Ruller tape
  3. Drill

How to make:

1. First, measure the tyre widht and diameter, and then cut plywood to the measured size.

tyre diameter 14"

To get the plywood inside the tyre we have to cut one of the tyre wheel. Cut it using grinder or handsaw.

tyre wheel full of steel wires

How to recycle wheel tyre

Once one of the wall been cut, you will able to pry the wall a little bit and put the plywood inside the tyre, if done, screws the plywood to keep it in place

How to make first aid box from tyre


2. Take a small piece of wood and attach it on the front side of the plywood using glue and nails. This part will be used to attach the hinges and also keep the things inside from fall out.

DIY old tyre


3. Now we are going to make the doors. Use 6mm MDF and then make half-circle using compass and cut to shape. I cut roughly using jigsaw and finish the cut using scroll saw to make a clean cut.

Making half circle

cut half circle using scroll saw

After making the doors, attach piano hinges using tiny screws and then attach the door to the tyre.

making the doors

Making storage box from old tyre

ide mendaur ulang ban bekas


4. The simple way to keep the top door from opening is put a magnet or catch. But this time im going to make a simple door closer by using string and weight. Put tiny screw on the top edge of the door, then tie a string and weight through tyre. This way the top door will automatically close due the pull of the weight.

easy door auto closer

door closer from string and weight

mekanisme penutup pintu otomatis sederhana

homemade door closer

simple auto door mechanism

Rear view. Weight fall due to gravity and pulling the door close.


5. The last final step is finishing process. I paint it white and put a redcross made out of mdf to the door.. So everyone seeing this know if there are medicines inside the tyre. Hang the tyre on the wall using screws and anchor.

medicine stroge from old car tyre

Use only one screw to hang the tyre on the wall.

DIY first aid box using tyre

Isnt that cool? Starting from now you should keep all the junks and turn it into something valuable and useful!


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