Rusty youtube play button

There are a lot of guy out there make their own youtube play button from using aluminium cast, wood and others material. We need at least 100k of youtube subscribers in order to get silver play button. I think it is clearly the reason they made their own play button. As a maker on youtube i also want to share how i make my own play button. Mine is not look good and nice but, the other way around. I make it looks as terrible as possible using used materials but looks artistic (for me).


  1. 0.9mm steel plate
  2. Old license plates
  3. Solid wood
  4. Small screws
  5. Youtube play button template


  1. Nibbler/metar shears
  2. Table saw
  3. Rivet tool
  4. Automotive body hammers and dolly
  5. Clamp
  6. Cold chisel

How to make:

Making the play button

1. Firstly stick the template to steel plate using a little bit of spray glue. You can easily found play button template on Google.

Making youtube play button from metal sheet


2. I am using nibbler cutter tool make a rough cut. (if you dont know, my nibbler cutter is attached to the hand drill chuck). Unlike the metal shears, cutting using nibbler doesnt warp the steel sheet so i think it is a must have tool if you working with steel very often.

How to use nibbler steel cutter

Once i make a rought cut, i carefully trim the edge using metal shears .

Metal shears how to use


3. Put the steel on the hollowed piece of wood and then knock the triangle using cold chisel and hammer. It takes some time and a little bit of practice to shape the metal.

metal shaping youtube playbutton

Every knocks you make on the steel will cause the steel stretched and warped therefore you need to knock the outer side after knocked the triangle.

I bent the edge using pliers to create curved edge.

youtube play button metal sheet

knock it using hammer and dolly to get a better smooth edge.

After satisfied with the shape, i rust the metal to get a natural brown color. Why did i do it? I dont know, i just like the way it looks. As im using galvanized steel, i need to de-galvanized it first. Im using HCL acid to get rid the galvanized layer.

weathering youtube play button

Then i brushed regular kitchen salt + acetic acid. It becomes rusty very quickly. I sprayed clear coat to get a shiny effect and also slow the oxidation. I actually cant wait to see this play button get rustier and rotten…it would be cool i think 😛 but im not sure how long will it take..i will let you know if it does.

rusty youtube play button


Making the frame

The frame is made out of pine wood. it is 29.5 wide and 39cm high.

making picture frame

Im using mitre saw jig on table saw to create a 45° cut.

Use router to make a 3mm rabbet. This rabbet is use to place the back cover.

rabbet joint using router

assemble the pieces using corner clamp and brad nails.

how to make frame easy


Making the back cover

The back cover is made out of old license plate. It is Indonesia license plate, made from thin aluminium sheet. The reasons im using license plates for the back cover are  it is free and match with the rusted playbutton.

I flatten them using hammer.

recycling license plate

I stitched them together using rivet until it fit to the frame.

how to rivet



1. Put the license plate cover to the frame and put a couple of screws.

making youtube play button


2. I added a small piece of 12mm mdf and attached it to the back of playbutton using glue gun. It makes the playbutton look floated from the back cover.

how to make youtube play button

Last step is applying the pre-made cutting sticker to get a real youtube play button look!

Looking cool, isn it? If you havent and like my artwork, consider to subscribe my channel ,it helps me to get the real one 🙂

diy youtube play button



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