DIY automatic parking barrier

On this project im gonna make an automatic parking barrier. This device usually placed on the parking spot and controlled via remote. It will keep someone from parking in front of your house or carport. In this article im not going to explain every details of the materials dimension/size because i think you can change the sizes as you want. What im gonna explain here is the making process,mechanism and how does it work.


  1. Steel pipe
  2. 3mm steel plate
  3. 1.3mm steel plate
  4. Wood
  5. 2 ch rf remote control
  6. 12v motorized actuator
  7. Wires
  8. 12v Dry cell battery


  1. Grinder and cutting wheel
  2. Welder
  3. Measure tape

How to make:

1. Firstly we going to make the mechanism to convert the linear motion to rotary motion. Cut pipe as needed.

how to cut steel pipe

After that cut 3mm steel plate around 4cm long. And then bend it 90°. On the end of the steel plate, make a hole as big as the pipe diameter (i’m using holesaw).

how to make a hole using holesaw

Weld them together

Make 2 of this, and then make 6mm hole for bolt.

Put that L shaped steel inside the pipe and weld them to pipe. This L shaped steel is used to engage the motion from actuator and convert the pipe to rotary motion.


actuator motion converter


2. Next step we gonna make a steel box. Cut 1.3mm steel plate using cutting wheel or metal shears.

1.3mm galvanized steel

galvanized steel cut

For the parts that needed to be bent, i clamp it on the vise and hit it using hammer until it bent.

how to cut steel plate using vise

After that i weld every parts using oxy-acetylene. It actually takes more time to weld than using mig welder

how to make steel box

weld steel box using oxy acy

how to make strong galvanized box

After the box is made, make a mount for actuator using mild steel plate. Bend it to U shape and then make 6mm hole for bolt. Then weld it in the box.

actuator mount

homemade parking barrier

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