How to make Industrial stool

Today’s project was make a stool using an old motorcycle spring. This stool is suitable for you who loves industrial architecture. For those who doesnt know what is industrial design just google it! Industrial design generally related to steel and wood, recycling old unused trash to make something functional and good looking.


  1. 4×4 hollow steel tube
  2. Old motorcycle spring
  3. Thick wood


  1. Angle grinder
  2. protractor gauge
  3. Drill
  4. Welder
  5. Tape measure

How to make:

1. Cut hollow steel tube 12cm long (make 3 pcs). Cut it using angle grinder.


2. Next, use protactor gauge and mark 30º on each end thas has been cut.

how to cut steel tube to angle


3. Joint 3 pieces of hollow tube that has been cut to angle and weld them together. This part will become the bottom of the stool.

how to make stool legs

Grind the weld using grinder unless you are good at welding 😀

making industrial stool recycle


4. The rod below is part of motorcycle spring. It is the shock absorber rod that has a thread in the end. I put and weld it on the center of the bottom part. Oh i pre-drilled a hole before so the rod can get inside the tube.

Weld  the bottom part. And cut the exceed, If needed Re-weld it to ensure it attached nicely and solid.

I previously weld a thin plate with nut on the center so we can screw it to the bottom part. For easier job, you can simply weld the spring onto the bottom part.

recycle motorcycle spring


5. In order to attach the wood above the spring, we need to make a mount from steel plate that made looks like +, and then drill couple 3mm holes for screws.

Make a countersink using bigger drill bit so the screw head will flush with the steel.

If done, attach this + looking steel on the top of the spring using welder.


6. For the seat, i am using 3cm thick meranti wood that been glueed  together to 26 width. After that find the center point and make a circle. There are plenty of tools to cut a circle, starting from jigsaw,bandsaw,router and so on. But this time i am trying to use table saw to cut a circle. I attach screw to the table saw sled and cut it-rotate it again and again until it becomes perfectly circle. It is a quite much work but worth to try.

Meranti wood for seat

How to cut wood circle

how to cut circle using table saw

Once it circled, use round over router bit to shape the wood corner.

how to route a wood

After that, i sand it smooth and finish it using common waterbase stain. Once it dried i attach the seat to the spring. Yeay it is done!

how to finish round wood

Small seat

homemade industrial stool



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