DIY easy compass beam

I believe you are familiar with a compass, a tool to help us draw circles. Compass that sold on the bookstore are normally for making a small diameter of circle. Because i wanted to make a circle over 1 metre wide, so i have to make it my own using wood. It is quite simple and very easy to use.


  1. Wood
  2. Screws
  3. 6mm bolt and wing nut
  4. Wood glue


  1. Table saw
  2. Drill and 6mm Drill bit
  3. Clamp
  4. Measure tape

How to make:

1. Firstly cut wood to 2x2cm thick and 60cm long. The longer the wood the longer the wood diameter. I used table saw to cut wood to size, If you do not have one, you can just buy a small wood because sizes not really matters here.

How to make a wooden compass


2. Next, make a 6mm hole at the end of the wood, This end if to attach the pen/pencil.


Then, split in the middle. You need to split this to clamp the pencil.


If done, make a hole on the side. This hole is to insert bolt

pencil holder compass

After that, put the pencil in and lock it using bolt and wing nut. Using this way, we can adjust the pencil easily.

wooden compass beam


3. After that cut wood to this shape below, The square on the center should slightly bigger that the wood we make earlier.


After that, make a 5.5mm hole on the side and then tap a  6mm bolt in. The bolt i used has knob so i can turn it loose/tight easily.


Next, put a small piece of steel plate from soda can. This plate is to prevent the bolt from damages the wood while tightening.


If done, apply wood glue and then stick the other part and clamp it tight for a day. By using this method, we make make a perfect square inside the wood. The hardway is to drill the center and then using chisel until it squared. But for me, this is the easiest way.


Once the glue dried, put screw on the center and then cut the screw head using angle grinder


compass beam pivot

After that make a sharp tip using angle grinder because this screw will be used as a compass pivot.



Now try to use it. For ease of use, i write the size numbers using sharpie. It is very easy to use, loosen the bolt and then slides to desired size. If done, tight the bolt and draw circle.

How to make compass beam wood

wooden compass beam

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