How to make treasure chest easy!

I made this treasure chest lookin box for my girlfriend for her jewelries. She is actually doesnt have a lot of it, but it was fun to make. Trust me it is easier to make than its look. If you looking for a box to organizer things in your house or maybe for your kid toys this article would be very helpful. I got an idea to make this while i watching Spongebob, well it doesnt exactly look like the treasure chest in the Spongebob to simplified the making process. No one believe it made entirely from plywood!



  1. 15mm Plywood
  2. 6mm MDF or 8mm plywood (for the strap)
  3. Paint (black,brown,white)
  4. Wood glue
  5. Hinges / piano hinges


  1. Table saw
  2. Nail gun
  3. Screw driver
  4. Protactor gauge

How to make:

Treasure chest plan

1. Firstly, just like making a regular box i cut and assemble sides and the bottom part. Cut materials to size according to plan above.

how to cut plywood to make box

cut plywood using sled

Then sand all the edges smooth using sander

sand plywood using sander

i made shallow cuts using table saw to make it looks like it made from 3 jointed planks.

how to make plywood looks like solid wood


2. Assemble all parts using glue and nail.

The bottom part is the last to be assembled

making a box


3. To make the lid, we need to set up the table saw blade accurately. You need to follow the plan for the angle and the width of each cut. Use protactor gauge to set up the right angle. Trust me, it is not difficult at all.

table saw tilted

use glue and masking tape to joint the angled edges.

how to make round shaped box

how to make round box lid

Trace for the side part and cut using scrollsaw or jigsaw.

making treasure chest lid

Last step is glue and nailing the side parts.

homemade diy treasure chest


4. Install hinges to the lid and the box. I wanted to use piano hinges at first, but could not find i use 4 small hinges instead. Attach the hinges like the way i did is not recommended, because the screws are visible and if you planned to put a padlock for the lid  it would be useless because someone can just unscrew the hinges. As it made only for decoration purpose i choose the easiest way to install!

install hinges the wrong way


5. Now we go into finishing stage, i will not go very detail explaining on finishing you can google “how to weathered wood” for better explanation. I just use regular brown acrylic paint and use a wood grainer tool, to create faux wood grain.

Once the brown dried, i darkened it using black paint and rub it evenly using cloth.

faux paint plywood


6. Last step is making the straps. It was made from a 6mm MDF. I spray painted it yellow and black then make a couple of small cuts using table saw.

Attach it onto the chest using glue and nail. I also made a lock from 18mm MDF so i can get a real treasure chest look.

diy treasure box

hoooray…..its donee!

Spongebob treasure box



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