DIY Alphabet letters puzzle for toddler/kids

This time im going to make an alphabet puzzle as a gift for my friend’s daughter birthday. Actually there are a lot of places that sell this alphabet letter such as book shop, but to make it more unique and not very mainstream im going to make it by myself. Im using 4 different MDF thicknesses to make it looks good and proportional, less thick and lighter. Imagine if we are using 12mm for the box,lid and the alphabet itself…it would be very heavy and not looking very good.


  1. MDF 9mm
  2. MDF 3mm
  3. MDF 12mm
  4. MDF 6mm
  5. Paint
  6. Alphabet template
  7. Paper glue
  8. Wood glue


  1. Scrollsaw
  2. Table saw
  3. Trimmer/router
  4. Nailer

How to make:

1. First of all, glue the printed A-Z template to 12mm MDF. You can make your own alphabet template using photoshop/coreldraw. Try to apply as thin glue as possible to the MDF surface so you can peel them easily later. Im using screen printing squeegee to apply the glue evenly.


Template huruf alphabet

cara membuat huruf kayu


2. Once you done, cut the letters using cut the inside hole, you can drill a tiny hole (as big as your blade) and put the scrollsaw blade into the hole.

cara membuat lubang tengah huruf kayu


After all the letters been cut, remove papers using scraper…sometimes you can just peel it easily but mostly not it depends on how thick your glue applied was.



3. Next step is to make the letters base. Stick the template using 6mm MDF, make holes and cut the inside using scrollsaw


buat puzzle alphabet sendiri



4. Next step is to make a box to this alphabet puzzle. Firstly cut 9mm MDF as big as the letter base.



The side of the box is ±4cm tall.

cara membuat sliding box puzzle alphabet

I want to make the box lid is slided, so we need to make grooves for the lid using router table.


If done, assemble all parts using glue and nail.



After the box have been assembled, make the lid using 3mm MDF and then try it on to the groove rail. This lid should not too loose or tight so it can be opened/closed easily.

hadiah untuk ulang tahun anak-anak

We need a handle to open/close the lid. Use 9mm MDF and then make a groove to make it flush with the box sides. After that use a wood glue to stick it to the lid and wait a couple hours until the glue completely dry.




5. The final last step is the finishing process. Sand the edges using fine sandpaper and then paint it using primer,base coat and clear coat. For the letters make sure you use foodsafe paint because kids love to chew their toys.


Once it painted, i added a tag on the lid using her initial name, well it looks even better now. Yayy…Kids would love it for sure!


mainan puzzle alphabet untuk hadiah ulang tahun




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