Easy wood project | Dog bowl Stand

In this project i make a simple bowl stand for my dog. Why it has to be a stand for a bowl? to prevent dog from flip the bowl and spill the food and water. It is a very simple wood project with limited tools. If you are a fan of scroll sawing you need to try this if you haven’t. Make your custom dog bowl stand with his/her name on it.

Tools :

  1. Printer
  2. Scrollsaw
  3. Table saw
  4. Wood Clamp
  5. Nail gun
  6. Measure tape


  1. Reclaimed wood
  2. Stainless steel Bowl
  3. Waterbase clear coating

How to Make:

1. Firstly i measure the diameter of the bowl and total length for two bowls. Once i have the numbers, i draw it on design software and print it ( i am using adobe flash which is not a commonly used design software but i am very good at that ).

DIY dog bowl stand

Since my printer can only print A4 ( 21x30cm) and my bowl stand design is bigger than that.. so i have to split it in two sections and then attach them using tape.

Print scroll saw template


2. Then i glue the template on to the wood, make hole for the saw and start cutting them.

scrollsaw template

scrollsaw reclaim wood


3. I cut 5cm of wood for the front and back side (the stand).

reuse reclaimed wood

Then apply wood glue and attach them to the bowl holder.

diy dog bowl stand

Because i dont want the nail exposed, i nail it from inside the cirlce just to hold them in place and then i clamped it tight.

Dog bowl stand homemade

easy wood project clamp wood


4. After the glue dry, remove the clamp and basically its done. But i rounded the edges a little bit using router round over bit.

router using round over bit

After that, i sanded it smooth and continue spray it using waterbase clear coat.

Spray clear coat

I make my dog’s name using cutting sticker and stick it to the front side.

homemade cutting sticker name

i have a small tip to keep the sticker peeling out itself by spraying clear coat on to the sticker. It will bond together with the coat and make it stick last longer.

Once it dry, put the bowls in and dont forget to feed your dog!

Homemade DIY dog bowl stand



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