Diy Desktop Organizer with Hidden Storage

On this project i made a desktop organizer. The idea is to raise the monitor that give more space for keyboard,mouse or tablet and improve your productivity as working on untidy desk is uncomfortable and we often missing our things. I also added two secret drawers on both sides to organize small and valuable things. It is a quite simple yet very useful project.


  1. A plank of wood
  2. Pre made box with drawer from 6mm MDF (for drawers)
  3. End grain cuts,side grain cuts


  1. Table saw
  2. Braid nailer
  3. Thats all

The making steps

1. Firstly make a several pieces of end grain cuts. The cuts should vary in sizes. Glue and nail the end grain cuts to the sides of the boxes. I made this box using MDF, it is very easy to make i don’t think i have to explain the details.

MDF drawers

end grain cuts


2. Now glue the side grains to the front of the drawers.

side grain cuts

when the wood is way too thick to be nailed, i use glue and clamp instead because the more inconsistent the sizes the better it look.

how to make secret drawers

secret drawers hidden storage

when its done, it will look like a stack of woods.


3. I only using waterbase clear coat for the finishing. Once it dry simply put a plank of wood on the top of the drawers and done. My desk is now more tidy and organized. It is simple, isnt it?

desktop organizer with hidden storage

secret organizer

Most people who visited my office didnt realize there were drawers there 😀



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