DIY ipad wooden case

I have Ipad2 i bought 4 years ago. As i updating the software..its becoming slow and slower.. probably because the hardware is not suitable with the new updates anymore and i am no longer using it . Then i decided to convert this ipad to become media player in my workshop. In order to hang it on the wall to make it look like a picture frame, i make the custom frame using scrap woods. It is very easy to make.


  1. 10 mm Plywood
  2. Scrap woods
  3. Wood glue
  4. Woodstain/acrylic paint
  5. nail gun


  1. Table saw
  2. Sander
  3. Ruller
  4. Steel wool

How to make:

1. Take a 10mm plywood and cut it to ipad size.

How to make ipad case


2. Cut wood 2cm wide then attached it to each corner of the plywood. Use wood glue and tack it using nail gun

DIY ipad case

On the bottom size of ipad, make a cut for charging cord. I am using table saw and drop the blade to make a cut.

Wooden ipad case


3. Making the top cover is something like making a picture frame. Cut the wood to 45º using mitre saw and then glue the 4 pieces together.

How to make picture frame

How to make ipad case from wood

Ipad case picture frame

Screw the top frame from the bottom so the screw heads will not appear.


4. I planned the edges using spokeshave unevenly  to make the wood looks rough and a little bit more rustic.

Making rustic picture frame for ipad

After that i sand it smooth using 240grid sandpaper.


5.Use black paint and apply it evenly to the wood surface. Once it dry or half dry, brush it using steel wool or steel brush to scratch the paint.

Once you brush it, the paint will peeled, the wood will be exposed and give you the rustic effect.

How to weathered wood


If done, You can put the ipad inside. I added a tiny picture frame hanger on the back side  so i can hang it on the wall. As the speaker is covered, i connect this ipad to my bluetooth speaker everytime.

workshop media player

Ipad is being hung on my workshop



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