How to make Ice Cream Tart easy

Tomorrow is my girlfriend’ birthday. I’d love to make something sweet for her by myself, so i make my own ice  tart. This is probably not the right way to make, but it works! It’s my very first attempt to make this and i can call it a success. I am pretty sure you can make it too

What needed ?

  1. An empty paint bucket
  2. 2 700ml Ice creams
  3. Kit-kats
  4. Fruits
  5. Ribbon
  6. Aluminium foils
  7. Masking tape


  1. Saw
  2. Spoon
  3. Fridge

How to make:

1. First, take an empty and cleaned paint bucket then cut around 8cm from the bottom of the bucket using saw ( i was using table saw).

cara membuat cetakan ice tart


After that we need to cut it again in half.



2. Next, temporarily  re-join the bucket using masking tape. It maybe looks stupid but you will figure out why later.



3. After that wrap the inside bucket using aluminium foil.

Ice cream tart trick DIY


4. If done, put ice creams inside. I recommend you to melt the ice first so you can pour it evenly..

cara teknik membuat ice tart


If you want to make ice with more than one flavor. Freeze the first layer first so it will not mixed up. Once it frozen, you can pour the second ice cream layer.


After that, freeze the ice cream in the fridge for couple hours.



5. Once the ice cream frozen, we can take the bucket apart with peeling off the masking tape and take the aluminium foil off.

DIY ice cream tart

homemade ice tart



6. Last step is to decorates the side wall and put topping on the top. I decorate it inside the fridge to keep the ice from melting. On the side wall i stick couple of kit-kats. Besides kit-kat you can also put biscuit/waffle and so on.

ice tart buatan rumah

After that, tie the wall using ribbon, to keep the kit-kat stand still.

easy way to make ice cream tart

Home made ice cream tart

It might not the best ice cream tart, but your girlfriend would love it, especially if you make it yourself 😀




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