How to make marquee lamp

This time we are going to make  marquee lamp. Marquee lamp is letter/shape filled with lots of lamps all around..just like we see on carnival, even now many shops use marquee for their shop sign. Beside that, we can use it to decorate our house/office using our own custom design. The main material used for making this is plywood/mdf and 0.8mm steel plate


  1. 12mm or 18mm MDF/plywood
  2. 0,8mm galvanized steel plate
  3. Lead (solder bar)
  4. lamps and fittings
  5. Black or red spray can
  6. HCL (Hydrochloric acid)


  1. Scrollsaw
  2. Metal cutting scissors
  3. Drill and 2mm drill bit
  4. Soldering iron
  5. Fine file
  6. Locking pliers

How to make:

1. Firstly place and glue the pre-made template using paper glue to MDF. I am making 40cm height arrow shape.

Making marquee lamp

making marquee letter lamp


2. Next, cut MDF by following the template line using scroll saw.

arrow sign marquee lamp


3. Once the MDF is cut to shape according to your design. Take 0.8mm steel plate and cut it ±8cm wide using metal cutting scissors. Ensure you are using gloves to prevent steel from cutting your skin.

0.8mm galvanized steel for marquee lamp


4. After plate has been cut, bend it and shape it to match the MDF design. It may take time and a bit practice to make, but trust me you can do it!

Use pencil to mark which section is about to bend next.

cara membuat marquee lamp

To make 90° bend, i clamp it on my homemade vise andhit it using hammer.


5. After that, make 2mm hole on the bottom of the steel plate and then attach steel to MDF using tiny screws.


6. Next we are going to solder the seam between plate. This process called soldering. Clamp the seams using locking pliers then apply HCL acid to the plate surface using small brush. HCL is used to clean the plate surface from coating so the lead can stick onto it. Make sure you are using proper respirator and gloves because this is very stinky and itchy if it exposed to your skin.

soldering steel plate


How to make marquee lamp

Melt the solder bar and apply evenly until the seams stick together.

making marquee letter lamp

This is a 300watt solder i am using.

solder patri 300w


7.After all the seams are jointed together we can paint it. In order to make the paint stick well, ensure to clean the entire surface using degreaser first ( i am using thinner).

marquee lamp how to


8. Last step is installing the lamps and fitting. Attach cables to fitting using solder, then attach fittings using screws. Cable for each lamp will be wired up behind so the lamp may look neat and clean.

Once the lamps wired up (parallel circuit), Install plugs and switch. Once it lights up, we can put hanger plate behind the lamp and hang it on your room wall.

make a marquee lamp

Yay!! This Marquee lamp is finished. Beside arrow sign, we can also make any shapes as you want!



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