Custom homemade red post box

kotak-pos-final-foto640This time i am going to make a small post box. Basically making this post box is just like a regular box, the only different is there is a roof to keep water getting in while raining. This post box is made out of MDF most people thought mdf is not strong or last very long, but i’ve been using mdf for indoor or outdoor project for years and they are still look as good as the first year.. the key to keep mdf last longer is the finish. You have to seal it with paint or laquer thoroughly to keep it from moisture.


  1. 12mm MDF
  2. 3mm MDF
  3. Wood glue
  4. Drawer lock


  1. Table saw
  2. Drill
  3. Scroll saw

How to make:

Post box design

1. Firstly cut mdf to size. Mine is around 30cm wide and 20cm high.

membuat kotak post



2. Because there is a slanted roof , we need to cut the top size at angle (±58°). I tilt the table saw blade and using protractor to find the right angle.

cara memiringkan table saw



3. After that, joint the whole part using nail and glue.


wooden post box custom

On the side of the box, there is a small door with drawer lock and hinges. I cut the side parts using scrollsaw and then cut it half using table saw. The top part would be attached to the box and the other part is used as a door.



Next, make 16mm hole ( depends on the key cylinder). I use spade drill bit to make the hole.


After that install key cylinder in the hole and install the hinges at the bottom.




MDF post box

attach the other side.

DIY post box


4. To make the roof, i print the template and glue it on the mdf and cut it to shape using scrollsaw.



Then glue the box top and then attach the roof using glue and nail.



To make it looks more like a roof, i cut a few lines using table saw by dropping the blade to around 1mm.


unique post box from wood

Once the post box is finished, i added a ‘post’ and a small frame using 3mm mdf to make it look nicer.



5. Last final step is painting. I sprayed it using prime coat,base coat and clear coat for extra protection. Don’t forget to take the key cylinder off  while spraying.cara-membuat-kotak-post_050

how to make post box

Once it dry you can hang it on your house wall and do not forget to lock it!

homemade post box




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