Car guy mini tool box

I have a few pieces of old license plates and thought it would be cool to make a box out of them. I make a small tool box with drawer to organize tools while repairing car. This is not the coolest toolbox, but i really like it.


  1. 15mm plywood
  2. 4mm plywood
  3. 6mm MDF
  4. License plates
  5. Small screws


  1. Table saw
  2. Nail gun/brad nailer
  3. Screwdriver

The making steps:

car guy toolbox plan

1. Cut plywood by following the plan above. You can change to your desirable size. As this is only a temporary storage while fixing car i think this size is perfect. I use table saw fence and sled to cut the plywood to size.

making toolbox plan

Im cutting a small groove by dropping table saw blade. This groove is for placing 4mm plywood. Why iam using 4mm plywood instead of 15mm? because it will save more space for drawer.

making groove on table saw


2. Once all the materials been cut, its time to assembly them. Use wood glue and brad nail to attach them together.

making toolbox car guy

Insert the 4mm plywood before assemble the front side.


3. I make a small drawer using 6mm MDF and cut couples of grooves for separator.

how to make wooden toolbox

attach 15mm plywood to the front drawer.


4. After the box is complete, now i am gonna wrap it using license plate. The idea is to reinforce the box strength. Use small screw to attach the license plate.

how to recycle license plate


5. I made the handle from 25mm dowel and small piece of pine wood. I attached them using 5mm dowel, wood glue and clamp.

how to make toolbox handle

Attach the handle to the box using 6mm bolt.

DIY toolbox wood

Cut the excess using hacksaw

I knock the end of the bolt using hammer so the nut can not come out.


Now the toolbox is completely done. I also attach a small dowel on the front drawer for the handle.


the drawer is separated using 3mm MDF. I use it to organize bolt or nut while fixing car.

how to make wooden toolbox



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