Convert your old creepy pc speaker to cool classic look bluetooh speaker

modify old pc speakers

I have this pc speakers for a very long time and never been used. When i found it i decided to put them on my workshop, but the wires are very long and messy so i got an idea to make them become a one single speaker and add a bluetooth module so i no longer need 3.5mm jack connected to the phone. Adding a bluetooth module to speaker is very cheap and easy.

The speaker box im going to make is look like a classic radio. Iam using kerfing technique to round the corner.



  1. Computer speakers
  2. Bluetooth audio receiver
  3. 12mm,6mm MDF
  4. Wood glue


  1. Table saw
  2. Nail gun
  3. Scrollsaw
  4. Drill

How to make:

1.  Firstly take the old speaker apart  from its case, as we only need to use the electronics.

how to convert speaker to bluetooth



2. I am measuring how big is the box i needed. I put the tweeter and subwoofer together to make it compact.


Once i know the width i need,  i cut MDF and glue the printed template. This is the front part of the speaker.

how to make antique speaker box


The template is a simple grill design. Make a hole and cut with scrollsaw. You can also using jigsaw to cut, but i would rather use scrollsaw because it allows me to make a detail and clean cut.




3. After make the grill, now we gonna make the cover.  Unlike making regular boxes which top-bottom-ide parts are cut separately, box with curve edges like this are consists only one/two parts.

Cut 12mm MDF with width around 1/2 circumference of the grill we made previously


To make this MDF bend-able, we have to make a lot of cuts. This is probably the hardest part of making this speaker box. We need to find out the right depth, because if it to shallow it will break during the bend.

Adjust the depth by raising and dropping table saw blade.


After that, ensure the gap between the cut is consitent. Gap for each cut should be ±3mm



4. Apply glue evenly on the grill edges. And then tack the top part first using nail gun.

how to kerf mdf

how to kerf

After that, bend and nail the corner. Make sure to apply plenty amount of glue.

how to bend wood


how to make classic speaker box


After that i took the spacer off. This spacer is a 6mm thick and used as a guide temporarily so the grill is placed slightly inside.


Use the same way to attach the other side.



antique speaker box

Because there is a small gap on the side, i patched it using a thin cut of mdf and glued it in.



5. After the box is finished, now we gonna make a mount for speakers. To get a precise result, i measure the position and the size of the speakers and then design the template on the computer. After that, print and glue the template to 6mm MDF and cut it using scrollsaw.



If done, assemble all the speakers.


convert your old pc speaker

Put the speaker assy on the box and screw it.



6. Next step is making the rear cover. All the electronics will be attached on this cover.


As the bluetooth audio receiver is usb powered. I disassembled a phone usb charger and took the board and wire it to speaker power. So it will turn on whenever the speaker is on. Picture below is a diagram of how to install the bluetooh audio receiver.

bluetooth audio receiver diagram install



turn computer speaker to bluetooh

Once all the components is installed properly, test the speaker. If it works well, take all the components apart from the box and we can paint it.


7. Bad thing from this kerf box is the corner becomes brittle so i fill an autobody filler to the gap to reinforce them.


I also fill the gap on the front and the back side.


After it cured, sand it flat. Normally you have to fill it again and sand it couple times until you get the perfect result.



If done, continue to painting process. I paint the rest box brown except the grill, i paint it white.

finishing box speaker classic


Once it dry, i put masking tape the brown part and then paint the grill white.

After the paint is totally cured, assemble all the components. I use glue gun to stick the components in place.


how to make your own speaker box

Screw the rear cover and we can use this bluetooth speaker. Pair this bluetooth speaker to your phone and you are ready to rock!



classic look bluetooth speaker



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