DIY fidget spinner from wood

This time i am going to make a new popular toy, Fidget spinner! This is a simple yet very popular toy and i’m going to make one from wood and a bearing. The shape of my spinner is a little bit different than regular spinner and i made the weights from a steel rod. Eventhough buying a plastic spinner is cheaper and easier, but for me making it on my own is way more fun and entertaining!


  1. Wood
  2. Bearing 628
  3. Weights ( you can use bearing for weights)
  4. Fidget spinner template (Download And print pattern on A4 paper)


  1. Scrollsaw
  2. Sandpaper
  3. Lathe

How to make:

1. Download and print template on to a4 paper. If you are wondering what software i use to designing the template, i am using adobe flash. This software is commonly used to make an animation.

design sendiri template fidget spinner

After the template is printed on paper, cut it and glue it on the wood. The thickness of the wood should at least as thick as the bearing.


2. After that, drill 4 holes using small drill bit so the scroll saw bit can go through. Why using scrollsaw instead of drill it? Because it is easier to make the exact hole size for the bearings. If it too loose, the bearing and weight will get off easily. Thats why i designed it using computer and make the hole size 0.5mm smaller that the bearing/weights size to get the tight fit.

wooden fidget spinner

Make holes using scrollsaw machine.

DIY wooden fidget spinner

wooden fidget spinner


3. Next, im making the weights. Actually we can replace the weights with bearing for easier job. But im going to make this a lil bit challenging, I make the weights out of car shock absorber hydraulic rod and cut it to bearing thickness.

How to make fidget spinner weight

Once i cut them, i use lathe cut get a cleaner cut and ensure the three of them have the same weights.

Making fidget spinner weights

After they have the equal weights, we can attach it to the spinner.


4. Sand the wood using fine sandpaper until it smooth. Before attaching bearing, take off the dust cap first and clean the grease to make it spin faster. I spray the grease off using carburetor cleaner.

Bearing fidget spinner

After that, install bearing and weights to the wood by hit it using hammer. If you done it right, they should get in easily.

How to install fidget spinner bearing

How to make fidget spinner

I added a capped nuts and bolt on the center of bearing.

DIY fidget spinner

How to spin fidget spinner fast

I tried to get the fastest spin by blowing air using air gun on the side of the spinner, it is dangerous but fun tho 😀


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