DIY Bedside table

After finish renovating my bedroom, I would like to put a nightstand beside my bed. This bed will be use to put phone,books or meds so i can reach them easily from the bed. While designing this bed, i just simply make a rough sketch and i decided to make this table looks less proportional. Here are details explanation of the making process.

Materials :

  1. Most of the material used is 18mm thick MDF and 9mm thick for the drawer.
  2. Wood Glue
  3. Paint
  4. Drawer slides


  1. Table saw
  2. Tape measure
  3. Protractor gauge
  4. Pencil
  5. Compressor and spray gun
  6. Nail gun (30mm)
  7. Sander

How to make:

1. Cut 18mm MDF to size (Look picture below). One thing that challenging from making this table is each corner and material sized should be accurate. If not, the corner will not neatly attached. So use protractor gauge to check entire corners angle.

Tilt table saw blade

Material for making bedside table

To minimize mistakes while assembling, mark every corner using pencil.


2. Once all the parts cut and marked, assembly the bottom parts first using wood glue and nail gun. Although this looks diffictult because there are so many parts and angles, it turns out assembling the whole parts only took me several minutes.

process of assembling bedside table

Continue assembling the top parts.

How to make bedside table

How to make your own night stand


3. To make table legs, i am using the same material, 18mm MDF. I firstly glued the pre-designed template then cut it using scroll saw (make two of this)

making tappered legs MDF

To make the legs stronger, i added 2 pieces of long mdf that connects front leg and back. It is also requires joint to make it stronger.

how to make table legs easy way


4. Next we going to make drawer. But since the table design is not square, there is no way to install the slides thats why we need to make another box inside the table first.

I’m using 9mm MDF and make small rectangular box, then on the front side we need to cover it up.

How to make table drawer


front cover

As the bottom part is tilted, then i have to jam the rear part in order to make the drawer level.

If done, put the box inside the table.

Making nightstand drawer

rear view table

front view table


5. After that, make drawer using 9mm MDF. Make the drawer is relatively easy, simply cut the material to size then assembly and install the drawer slides.

how to instal drawer slides

Once its done, put drawer inside and install the front side of the drawer, this part is also used as the handle to pull the drawer out.

nightstand drawer


Pictures below are the look of rear view drawer while it is being opened/closed. I hope its not confusing for you to understand how this works. The main point is as the design is less proportional, so i have to make a square and level on the inside.


6. The next step is sanding unlevel part using sander.

Then apply putty to make it seamless. After dry, sand it flat and we can continue to painting process.

Painting preps table

I am using spray gun and 3 layers of paint (primary,base and clear coat).

How to spray paint table


7. Last final step is assembling all parts that have been painted. Attached the table legs using 4 screws from the bottom.

Install drawer slides and done!!

DIY nightstand

DIY bedside table

I hope it is helpful. You guys should’ve make one, trust me it is easy!


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