Convert circular saw to disc sander

Disc sander is an aggresive sander you should have in your workshop. With disc sander you can make around shape or reducing a small amount out wood accurately and faster. I was thinking having a disc sander is kinda useless but since i have make one i have no words to say except i love this tool! The disc sander is made from cheap 7 ¼ ” circular saw. Probably this is not gonna be a very detail explanation, but i hope i can give you an idea to make your own.

How To:

1. Firstly i cut the guard cover using grinder as i couldnt take it apart (it fixed with the body).

Convert circular saw to disc sander

2. Im using 18mm + 6mm mdf that glued up together. Then i cut it to 26cm using jigsaw, don’t worry i know its not perfectly round because we  will true it up later after its mounted properly. Then i make center hole as big as the circular saw arbor (mine is 20mm) and 6mm bolt hole. Make the hole exactly as big as the circular saw’ arbor to prevent the disc from wobbling in high speed.

Circular saw arbor

Because the disc sand paper will be glued on the mdf surface, ensure the bolt head is flush with MDF. To do that just drill a bigger hole using spade drill bit.Then i attached mdf to the circular saw tightly.


3.  I make the mount from woods and lock the circular saw in place using a custom made bracket from 3mm thick steel plate. After the circular saw properly mounted. turn it on and use chisel to true the wheel.

how to make disc sander out of circular saw

Look at the square black thing. That is 3mm steel plate to keep circular saw in place. It is bolted down using 8mm bolts


4. The table is made out of plywood and tiltable. The tilt mechanism is quite simple, use 2 bolts as the hinges. I make a wooden knob and 8mm,long bolt for the lock.

disc sander table

locking knob


5.The top cover is made out of 0.9mm steel and mdf.


It is the final look of my homemade disc sander. Im still using the original switch to turn it on/off. I hang it on the wall to save space.

disc sander from circular saw

How to make a disc sander

homemade disc sander


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